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Puppy, Kitten, and Wellness

Pharmacy and Food

Diagnostics and Treatment

Home Veterinary Care in the Corvallis,Oregon area with Dr. Joey Goldthorpe

We will help your pet stay healthy and happy through all life stages.

Professional Pet Services

End of Life Care

Offering prescription medication and diets, delivered to your door. 

Serving you, your pets, and the human-animal bond in the greater Corvallis, Oregon area. We are a mobile veterinary practice, offering wellness, preventative, outpatient, and end of life care for your dog or cat - all in the comfort of your own home. We understand the difficulties present in getting your companion in to a veterinary clinic - the stress of a carrier, the anxiety of a car ride, and all the strange sights and sounds in a new environment. Let us bring the high-quality medical care and compassion you expect from a veterinary practice right to your front door, because there truly is No Place Like Home.

We are here to help your pet maintain quality of life until the end of their days.

Compassionate and Affordable Home Veterinary Care

Providing diagnostic and supportive care for your sick pet.